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Founder: Suheyla

Suheyla (Kate McGowan) founded Troupe Ta'amullat in 1976.

"Suheyla was born in Wisconsin, know that she must first get to the sea and then continue traveling eastward.

"Married in the mid 50's to Bruce, historian of the Turkish Ottoman Empire and the Balkans, New York was their first stop on the route, where she studied modern dance for two years at the Martha Graham studios.

"Suheyla started folkdancing in New York - particularly those of Eastern Europe. Continuing eastward, she learned a bit of Irish dance and Flamenco! in Dublin, practices with the Branco Krsmanovic troupe in Belgrade, steeped in Greek dancing at village festivals on the islands. From 1967-70 Suheyla was a member of the Turk Folklor Kurumu and toured with them to festivals in Western Europe and the Balkans.

"Once or twice, she and Bruce went so far east they arrived at San Francisco, where Suheyla performed with the international ensemble, Westwind - and found danse orientale. Bert Balladine was her first teacher.

"Eastward once more - Suheyla started teaching at Art Worlds, Ann Arbor, in 1972, and [was] artistic director of troupe Ta'amullat fi Buhayrit al-Zaman - Reflections in the Pool of Time."

-- Biography from "The Ancient and Enduring Art...Dance Oriental", by Suhyela. Published by Edwards Brother, Inc. in 1977.


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